4.10.20 Lockdown Insights

Friday, April 10, 2020, Good Friday

One World Lockdown is similar to Prisoners of War in Prison Planet.

Power plant blew up in Burbank, CA, which caused power outages and streets were closed.

May 15th might be the last day of lockdown but who knows…

It appears they will now shut down most stores, except for necessities, and major businesses, such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Costco, Disney…this sounds like the movie, Idiocracy.

I agree. They are doing all this on purpose to turn the public into fat, submissive mindless slaves for the NWO agenda.

Liz Crokin is a journalist and truthseeker who exposes the truth. (I’m not aware of her). Check out her video, Out of It is on Youtube, and it is one hour and 18 minutes.

The earth is run by satanic pedophiles.

Sarah Ruth Ashcroft was sold to Tom Hanks when she was 13 by her father.

Anthony Kidman, Nicole’s father, was charged with child hunting. I think he is dead now.

Sloan feels that abused children are being rescued from underground tunnels.

Epstein has a dental chair in the ritualistic room on the island, which is used to pull out victim’s teeth after they kill the teen.

The Teen Project by Laurie Burns on Instagram.

3-Pile short reading for viewers

Pile 1: there is a female friend that you are close to, but it is a one-way relationship. You appear to do all the work, and she doesn’t reciprocate back. It is a part of the family connection. You need to decide if you want to end this relationship. Change the focus how family members relate.

Pile 2: you have a personal project in your mind. You have a concept, and you have started it, but many people already want one. You aren’t good at time management. You feel panicked. Ignore housework, and work on your business. It will work out into an amazing business.

Pile 3: you’re aren’t seeing something clearly. You need to be more aware of your environment. It has to do with someone you love, and you aren’t hearing it. Someone helps you financially, but they aren’t able to help you now. Open up your own business with your own talents.

(It is a good thing I walked outside for an hour today because it rained later, at night—the 7th day of rain, consecutively but not all day).

I decided to watch the documentary and summarize it….

Out of documentary summary

I decided to watch the youtube documentary, Out of CIA program, Operation Mockingbird, continues today. CIA works closely with Hollywood, which including writing scripts for movies. I have noticed that George Clooney makes a lot of CIA movies, and they are all as dumb and boring as fuck because it usually has terrible actors and corny dialogue. And, he usually hires his friends, such as Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Julia Roberts in these movies. Operation Paperclip created MK-Ultra mind control. LSD experiments and electric shocks erases the victim brain information, so that new information can be implanted into this victim. (I think that is how they create puppets, such as the idiot celebrities). Fashion Industry is controlled by the Illuminati, which is why you always see dark content in fashion.  I am aware of all the information in this documentary. It is about how the Zionist Mainstream Media controls people minds via TV, Music, fashion, etc, which is old news for me. Satanic cults are in Hollywood, government, and everywhere in society. Satanist Michael Aquino pedophilia ring to sexually abuse many children. CIA helped create the Age of Aquarius in the 1960s.

“To control the population, you have to control the messages of the population,” which involves censorship and people losing their freedom of speech.

Elite Pedophile Ring in Hollywood. Liz Crokin, a journalist, started reporting about such pedophile ring when Pizzagate first came out. Emails were filled with codewords for child pedophilia and sex trafficking. Clintons on Epstein’s Pedo Island. Everyone knew about Jeffrey Epstein and helped cover it up.

Keith of NXIVM and actress Allison Mack trafficked children. They used MK-Ultra techniques on these kids.

Marina Abramovic is a Satanist, who does Spirit Cooking Dinners for many famous people.


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