3.31.20 Insights

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

An earthquake occurred in Los Angeles around 9:20 pm, as well as other states in America. But I didn’t feel the LA earthquake.

Pile 1: detach from the idea of earning a living. You are in the end of a cycle. Mid-May, how to take your work to the next level. Spiritual help from others. It has to do with using creativity. Between now and May 23rd, you will be able to do something you wanted to do. You will create new work for yourself. Stepping forward into a new direction. It has to do with money and art. Make changes and do things differently. Focus on what makes you happy, and do it.

Pile 2: philosophical soul searching, which might involve religion…disillusioned by others…seek the truth and speak the truth…learn via dream state because you have information coming towards you from the other world…spiritual insights…it will take until next February…

Pile 3: will see family in a different way…you will see family members in a different way, and it might be sad…freeing yourself from family patterns and letting go of childhood belief systems…distancing yourself to raise your energy…late July and early August.

Cheesecake Factory ran out of business?


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  1. I’m currently doing everything she has said thus far. I’ve totally detached from the news and all of the negative shit they spew. And my running, or any types of workouts I cling to it because it keeps me sane. I’ve gotten into yoga as my stay in doors workout if shit gets too crazy and I cannot go out.


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