3.30.20 Insights

This is Black Monday’s vlog by the celeb psychic, which is actually for 3.30.20

Don’t go out on March 31st and April 1st? I already went out this Tuesday morning. I just walked to the UTC. On the way, I chatted with one of the maintenance workers, who was working on remodeling association plants. After dropping off a bill at the post office, I walked through Target, before I walked back home. I plan to go out early Wednesday morning, as well, if I wake up early.

She states that something will happen Tuesday, March 31st. Someone people state that the 5G is being installed during this lockdown. I wonder what they are doing today. Everyone needs to reinvent themselves and move on.  

Michael Jackson’s weird nose surgery issues has to do with trying to look like an Egyptian god, which makes sense. I remember during Whitney Houston’s televised funeral, there were many gold tombs and Egyptian statues because the Illuminati are into pagan gods, and she worked for the Illuminati, which is obvious that she was an Illuminati ritual sacrifice.

Edie Sedgwick was born with a dark energy, and stayed with her throughout her life, which eventually killed. Her. I have seen the movie about her. It takes places in the 60s, and she appeared mentally ill. I think Sienna Miller played Edie Sedgwick.

She feels Bob Marley was murdered, in which I think it is obvious.

Oh, cool, she uses Osho Zen cards. I have a used booklet about Osho Zen, which has the pictures of all the cards.

Pile 1: waiting to hear something from someone…a message in 13 days…making a decision about doing what you are doing or changing direction…rebelling into another direction…going into yourself…self-reflection…romantic or a relationship which has to do with what you want to do?

Pile 2: balancing a relationship…which takes inner courage to align oneself…soulmate connection…fated choice…just let go on seeking a soulmate and move to spiritual direction….and will run into the right person and he/she will project or mirror you.

Pile 3: females needing to reinvent themselves…spiritual insight message to what you need to move into…start doing something differently…and bring forth dynamic change of who you are…you will bridge two parts of yourself together and take action.


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