1st Week of 2021

Thursday, 1.7.21

My first week of 2021 started out slow. On New Year’s Eve, I went on a morning hike at 9 am with 30 people. The weather was nice and sunny, but cool. I watched the New Year’s Countdown on TV, which was lame crap but there wasn’t anything else better on. I probably should have read a novel instead. 

On New Year’s Day, I woke up half asleep and I couldn’t fully awaken. I was mostly on the internet that I forgot time. I actually forgot it was Friday, and I had an evening walking meetup that night. At 6pm, I suddenly realized it was Friday, but it was too late to get dressed and drive there.

On Saturday and Sunday, I went to morning yoga meetup. On Saturday morning, after one hour of yoga, I found a white feather while walking towards my car in the parking lot. As I looked at it, it gave me a postive uplifting feeling. I had to pick it up because I saw it as a positive sign. It just gave me a sign of hope. 

On Tuesday, January 5th, I went to evening walking meetup at Turtle Rock because I just need to get out, walk, and get fresh air. I noticed less and less people are showing up for these walking meetups. People appear to be getting hopeless and depressed about all the crap going on.

On Wednesday, January 6th, I went to the dentist for teeth cleaning. Then, I dropped by at Walmart for a while. Today is also Gumby D’Arcy’s 21st birthday. He is doing well and acting like himself, full of life and energy. He still likes to run around and jump on everything. 

On Thursday, January 7th, I mostly did internet research. 

My first week seemed average but slow. I need to get out more, but not sure where to go right now. 


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