15 books on President Trump in 9 months

US President Donald Trump has not yet been in the White House for two years but fifteen books have been written on his presidency. in which Bob Woodward’s Book – Fear of New York Times’s is the Best Sellers and in list is on top rank. Bob Woodward is the same journalist who revealed the “Wategate” scandal, after which President Richard Nixon had to resign.

Michael Wolf’s book Fire and Fury was published on January 5 this year and he had asked a lot of conflicts,  The President Trump threat play a positive role in promoting and advertising in the book, and in just three days a million copies of the book were sold.

Three more books in January came to the scene , Fox News Anchor Howard Kurtz’s analysis on President and Media Relations in book Media Madness.

Former President George W. Bush’s speech writer and columnist David Firm,Trump was declared an enemy of democracy in the book Trumpopercias. Journalist John David’s book’s name was enough to explain his text ITS EVEN WORSE THAN YOU THINK WHAT THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS DOING TO AMERICA”

In February, David Brodie’s book, The Faith of Donald J. Trump, highlighted the religious views of the President. In March, the book Killing the Deep State was published by Jerome Corsi, who was in support of President Trump’s and against alleged reverse forces.

Two more books were published in April,

The Trump White House Book was written with a neutral attitude about the president written by Ronald Kessler, He is the author of the American administration-related book. In this book , for some wrong decisions Trump’s daughter and son -in-law held responsible. American Lawyer and Business man Andrew Puzder Book “The Capitalist Come back ” appreciated the Trump polices.

The Born Trump came in June, in which Vanity Fair reporter Emily Jane Fox dared in the lives of President’s children and son-in-law.

In July The book Briefing was published written by  White House ex-press secretary Sean Spicer and the same month Fox news anchor Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Book Liars Leaker and Liberals and Law expert and analyst Gregg Jarret’s book The Russian Hoax came to the scene.

In August, the President’s former senior adviser Omarosa Newman’s book Unhingged came to the scene in which the trump was blamed, that Trump targeted black farm worker in White house.

In September, CNN analyst April Ryan’s book “Underfire” came to the scene, In which she described her experiences as a White House reporter.

The six books including Bob Woodward’s Fear are included in the New York Times’s Best Sellers list, Which suggests that to write in favor or against President Trump, It include almost all type of materiel related to President and that the reason people are very much interested in it.


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