10 Tips to improve your Writing Skills

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1. Simplicity: Whether you write to provoke an emotion, a thought, a solution, an opinion or share your experience, have clarity about the purpose of your writing. It will help you to write better.

2. Heading: Catchy titles are inspiring. They stimulate the readers’ interest and make them to read through the article.

3. Presentation: Have a purpose in your writing. Do not skip to conclusions for which you do not have proof.

4. Display: Build up a flow that is cohesive, simple and logical.

5. Aim your viewers: Discover your viewers and place yourself in their shoes to know why they would like to read your article.

6. Read other people’s content: At times you can overcome the difficulty and encourage yourself by reading other’s work.

7. Do something special for a while, follow a completely different pattern or method to write.

8. Go for a walk for a short time: Bodily activity is actually good for relieving you from a boredom of writing and reorganizes the way you think.

9. Make a list: At times it helps to overlook about writing in the same set-up for a while. Instead, list out the things you want others to know about.

10. Become childlike: Sometimes writer’s block can make you feel serious. One way to feel free is to become childish.


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