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Job openings for those who want to settle down as a banker

As the new government began advancing the digitization and managing an account, employments in a similar division began expanding. The managing an account part is developing at a record-breaking high. The fundamental reason being, this division isn’t particularly influenced by the subsidence like some other segment, for instance, IT segment and so on. Also, the […] More

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The Secret benefits of vitamin P

Vitamin P was discovered in the 1930s but it is rarely mentioned, It strengthens the body defense system and has many other benefits. We know that daily use of vitamin C is very good to skin and it make skin beautiful, and Vitamin D strengthens bone but ignored Vitamins P strengthens the body’s security system […] More

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Big Fat Nerd

(Photos courtesy of Alpha Ever After……) I heard my two favorite DJ’s on the radio this morning.  They were fighting over who gets to invite whom, to their outings.  One DJ, and producer, invited another DJ.  But she, invited other people, without asking first.  That’s what the fight was about.  Jayson said that Dana should […] More

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