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Things and items that used to be banned in The White House

When the presidents of the United States step in order to live in The White House, their power is greater than you ever thought. But when it gets to the property and what’s allowed inside and what’s not, they tend to be very picky.  Take a look at what’s been banned throughout the years in […] More

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How does the cooking on the Antarctic look like

The Antarctic is one of the most isolated places on Earth. It looks like a non – Earth. With its extreme weather conditions, it offers a calmness and lack of crowd unlike any other place.  Log in or Register to save this content for later. More

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The Royal babysitter and her earnings

Kate Middleton and the Prince Williams are educating their three kids with the help of the Spanish babysitter Maria Tereza Turion Boralo. This 43 years old woman works as a babysitter in the Royal Family. Her annual salary is about 113.952,48 euros, which is 9.439,85 euros monthly salary. As the British media reveal, Maria Tereza […] More

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How many years of honest work are needed to earn a million dollar?

“ECONOMIST” lately published a research which reveals how many years of honest work are needed in order to earn a million dollar. They came up to a conclusion: an average American family needs as much as 20 years of hard work in order to earn a check with six zeros. The Danes, the Canadians and […] More

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Why do women get easily attracted by older men

Have you ever wondered why do the women get easily attracted by older men? Even though this is not the case with all the women, the researches have shown that their number constantly increases. The experts claim that the women get attracted by the men’s stability and maturity.  Most of the women are fed up […] More

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You can't find your passion! You'd have to create it!

According to a recent research done by three scientists at Stamford University the famous quotes like “Follow your passion” leave the impression that following your passion is an easy thing to do. However your full interests are not fully prepared and ready for this voyage. Moreover they need an excessive hard work in which you’d […] More

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The dogs can sense bad people

When we talk about pets we, more often than not, refer to cat or dog. The dogs need more care and understand better the people’s feelings, while the cats are more independent. According to the most of the researches, the dogs have a sixth sense and could perfectly sense the people’s feelings. To be more […] More

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You leave better first impression than you think

Everyone is wondering what’s the first impression he leaves when he meets somebody. You wonder whether the person finds you attractive, smart, whether he/she liked you or not, do you appear as serious, formal and responsible person. This is an endless list of possibilities. The truth is, you really don’t have to worry about this! […] More

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Four principles one must follow and apply

1. Your words ought to be impeccable Converse with integrity, reliability and persuasiveness. Say only what you think but always make sure it is what you really think and feel. Avoid saying words against yourself or to gossip. Use the power of the words in the direction of the love and the truth.  2. Do […] More

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