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What is Resilience?

Resilience is often described as “the ability to bounce back to normal after experiencing pressure”. The idea of resilience as an aspect of human behaviour originates from material science where it describes the property of a material to resume its original shape after distortion or stress. Resilience is, in fact, a metaphor. A metaphor is a […] More

Skills and Qualities that Enhance Resilience – Tolerance

Tolerance Tolerating a certain amount of stress is an important part of growing up. Coping with day to day challenges is something that everyone has to learn to do. There should be sufficient challenge to feel stretched in order to develop skills and to grow. Levels of stress will vary from person to person. Too […] More

When Resilience is Needed – Bullying and Intimidation

Bullying and Intimidation People can use their influence to intimidate someone or to force them to do something against their will or against their better judgement.  Bullying can take on many forms, which can involve provocation, intrusive behaviour, name calling, arguments and rudeness. It can also be much more subtle – excluding and ignoring people […] More

When Resilience is Needed – Rising to the Challenge

Rising to the Challenge The dragon appears to be very strong and very powerful.  Yet, despite all odds, the knight is able to challenge and confront the dragon.  The dragon is large and seems to be unable to be beaten.  However, the knight has a willingness and the stamina with the determination to put in […] More

What Resilience Means – Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back The roly-poly toys wobble when pushed and have the ability to right themselves or regain their original position after being pushed around. No matter what happens to them, they are able to bounce back to an upright position as if nothing has happened to them. They have something inside them to withstand being […] More

What Resilience Means – New Growth

New Growth  Despite a barren parched environment, life continues to flourish. There is new growth and there are new prospects. Out of adversity comes opportunity and a new plant grows where others would fail to flourish.  The old is replaced by the new, that will eventually grow to full maturity and the new plant will […] More

When Resilience is Needed – Endurance

Endurance  These individuals are in a race to get to an endpoint but are being held back. At times, it feels like they take three steps forward and two back. They have to jump over many hurdles and jump through a number of hoops. This seems to involve doing more things than are strictly necessary. […] More

When Resilience is Needed – Ambiguity and Uncertainty

Ambiguity and Uncertainty  The ultimate goal may be clear but the way ahead is set with a number of different challenges that are unknown. There will be many changes of direction with many turns and, even the need to reverse direction and go backwards at times before the end point is reached. The goal is […] More

When Resilience is Needed – Keeping Focus

Keeping Focus The ultimate goal is clear but the way ahead is set with a number of different challenges and risks.  However, these are known and can be planned for and will each need attention before the end point is reached.  The goal is worth the effort but it is unclear how long it will […] More