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Rose of Sharon ~ In Carol's Garden

I went out in my front garden a little while ago. Checking on my Rose of Sharon bushes. I talked awhile back about Japanese beetles that can invade the bushes. They are looking ok right now. I do see some leaves with beetle damage but as a whole, all three are surviving and blooming. This […] More

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Weight Loss Tips

I have lost over 20 KG weight recently so this is the list of tips for those who suffer overweight 1: DAILY EXERCISE Exercise is the most important factor in loosing weight, loosing weight actually means that the calories intake of a person must be less then the person expenditures of calories, so that the […] More

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Living in a safe place (the Amish lifestyle)

Hello Everyone how was your 4th f July? I hope it was a safe one & all went well for everyone, mine was great.   I wonder how many of you know about how the Amish came to be in america? Well they started in PA & has worked their way in certain parts of […] More

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