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LaJenna Needs Uplifting

Many of my followers know I have been concerned about a certain situation. The situation had been getting better, but now stress is beating on my back door. I am trying to remain strong and tell myself what will be will be, but this situation directly can smash my spirit. The photo I have chosen […] More

A Tit a Tat…tat tatter to a beat

MAN is a SONG and a dance so strong that even the stars line up to guide us ALONG .and the DRUMS roll a beat for the SOUL IF TIME can SIGH & LOOK into my MIND STOP MEin the morning when the DAY is YOUNG THE POET PAINTS words in the sky WHERE THE […] More

Happy Day for Everyone ~ 365 Photos Challenge 281

After a few days of watching Susie’s anxiety since she had a miscarriage, this afternoon I finally brought Susie and the fat boy to the vet. The boy must be checked again to ensure his health while we bring Susie so that the vet can help her to be a good foster mother for the […] More