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Wander project Greenwood IN

Over the years I have taken a lot of pictures. My father and my grandfather did love pictures before me as well. We could argue that taking family pictures is passed from generation to generation in our family. Although in fairness the habit of picture taking is only three generations old. I loved taking pictures […] More

365 Day Photo Challenge Day 267 98 days to go!

We used to, when I was younger sing the song 99 bottles of beer on the wall, Take one down pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall. All said and done; the 365-day photo challenge is a reverse contest in that you are sharing not taking them down. But, I do as […] More

Tech Wiz on use cases and troublehooting…

The Use Case, or what the solution was built to do. It is something that software and solution architects do. They, the solution architect, create a variety of use cases. A use case normally has an action, result and is documented as part of the overall presented solution. I think in the past 30 years […] More

Wander project Waycross Camp!

It is one of those things as a parent you both anticipate and dread. The camp experience is so important for kids. They, for a time, get to be completely independent of you, their parent. The dread comes as a parent because you have to let go. We, as parents seek always to make the […] More

365 Day photo Challenge Day 266 2d of 3d.

Today a 2d picture of a  3d camera. It is one of those things you do from time to time. Well not everyone I guess, just me. But it is something I do from time to time. The oddity of 3d and 2d cameras continues to expand. Why do I say oddity? Well at this […] More

Tech Wiz on the reality of new stats for Virily!

There are a few things that I know are important to me over the years. Ethics is one of them. Ethics is all about not just how you treat other people but your reaction to that as well. I know that it is important both how you treat people but also how you react to […] More

Wander project Annapolis MD

There are a couple of things that happened to me this morning as I looked at images of the Bay. The first is looking at the pictures of me; it is time to buy some smaller shirts. The ones I have now are a way to big. The other thing is all the Debris in […] More

365 Day Photo Challenge Day 265 only 100 posts to go!

Today a picture of the box that will become a couch. Notquite sure if it will morph like a power ranger or possibly grow like a tree. It is, however, destined to be a couch. Well, not a couch. It is simply the motors for the two recliners that seem to havedied. Yea though I […] More

Tech Wiz continue to consider Influence…

I posted a pre-ride video from the camera on our tandem bike. I won’t post the actual ride for two reasons. One is we are still learning, and second, we crashed. It is kind of funny to watch the crash POV. But my wife said I wasn’t allowed to share the video, and I will […] More