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Why is the Tree Covered in Yarn?

June 11th is Yarn Bombing Day, a day set aside each year for all people who love fibre arts to have fun in a very public way. The participants often knit or crochet a covering for the pole holding up a traffic sign. Some will make a larger piece to cover a lamp post or a tree trunk. I have even seen people create woolen clothing to put on statues! It attracts a lot of attention from tourists and residents alike!

Are you seeing strange and mysterious appearances of yarn projects in public places where you live? You can add your pics to the list. You can also vote for which yarn bombing projects you like the best. Have fun!

#2 Web of Mandalas

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Morning suprise?yarn #yarnbombing #istanbul crochet crocheting #crochetlove #crochetaddict

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Perhaps the best of the tree-based yarn bombing pics I found, these crochet mandalas are woven together around the tree trunk. It seems like a very organic way to assemble the pieces.

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#3 Stars on a Tree Trunk

Another example of yarn bombing on a tree trunk. These stars, unlike the knitted panels above, were created in crochet. I think this would make it easier to attach to the tree.

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#5 Tassels and Pom-Poms

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Ce matin pour aller à @lairdutempspontlabb #lairdutempspontlabbé ! Quand #pontlabbe fait concurrence à newyork avec du #yarbombing ! #yarbombing #yarnbombing yarn #yarnporn #tricot #tricoter #laine wool street streetart #rue urban #urbanart #artderue #streetstyle knit #knitlove knitting #knitagram #knitagram #kniting #knitart #pontlabbé #lairdutempspontlabbé #bretagne #finistere france #igbretagne #igfinistere

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More knitted pieces. And lots of dangling bits on this tree!

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#6 A Movement Spreading Like Mushrooms

#7 Knit In Public Day

This year, World Wide Knit In Public Day fell on June 10th. So you may have seen people out in public places, just sitting and working on their knitting or crochet pieces. Some people left evidence of their activities before they went home!

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