Tips to Choose the Right Packaging Materials

The packaging is important when it comes to shipping or storing products. Packaging materials have many functions including creating an effective inventory, assisting in consumer behaviours and being easy to transport. Thus, when a business is ready packaging materials needed to be considered carefully.

There are a number of things that businesses need to consider when selecting high-quality packing materials.

Firstly, is the packing supplies the right material for its use? Materials are one of the first things to consider when contemplating packaging supplies as it is important to invest in the right materials. Different items should be packed differently sometimes with different packing supplies to ensure that they are stored effectively or shipped efficiently. Larger items are most efficiently packed in corrugated or cardboard boxes. To ensure the quality of these corrugated boxes, check how many layers the box has. A standard corrugated cardboard box has 3 layers; two smooth outer layers and 1 corrugated layer. However, if your item is heavier but you still want to transport it in a cardboard box it is better to invest in stronger cardboard which would have more corrugated layers and maybe thicker cardboard.

If your products are smaller or softer in size it may be better to invest in polybags over cardboard boxes. Polybags are made up of a thin flexible plastic that is durable when in transit and is ideal for online businesses delivering directly to the customer. Due to new regulations in Australia, these bags will not be made of typical polyethylene plastic but instead biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Secondly, how do you want this package to be opened? Now that you have picked the material to consider how the customer will interact with this product and the opening of your product because as a business you do not want to be a YouTube fail. Thus, consider how to develop a fuss-free opening of packages that may be sent to customers or retailers. Additionally, when assessing how you want people to interact with the packaging consider packaging niches that will help your product stand out or make it easy to return if needed.

Next, what do you want your packaging to look like? Long gone are the days of the standard indiscriminate cardboard boxes now packaging is an extension to your brand. Hence the design of your packaging needs to be representative of your brand. Essentially this is yet another way to stand out in the market. However, branding your packaging materials is also a way to include eco-friendly materials to your brand and improve a business’s corporate social responsibility.  Improving the corporate social responsibility of a business through packaging will also improve a customer’s appreciation of a brand and increase the likelihood of them repurchasing your products.

How will the shape or size of my package affect my business? Now that you have decided on the material, the ergonomics and the design of your packaging it is now time to consider the shape and the size of the packaging products. Firstly, if you are packaging different products in the same company you need to consider materials that are adjustable or customisable. This is to increase packaging productivity and reduce the laborious efforts of your employees. Therefore, it is also important that you set standard sizes in your packaging materials. Sizes of packaging are important because it provides consistency which will not only increase productivity but will also help you be a recognised brand, thus it is not to be overlooked. Additionally, the shape and the size of packages are a determinant for the customer especially if they are coming from online businesses. If you have inconsistent sizes or the shape of your package has resulted in damage or just isn’t very attractive it can put a customer off from repurchasing your product.

What sort of things should I take into consideration when shipping or transporting my items? Shipping is a very auspicious process and as a business, you want to prepare your products as much as possible for what it may face when in transit. Damage due to items being shifted during shipping is one of the most reported consumer problems. Therefore, all businesses should invest in internal materials to protect and wrap the products to reduce the likelihood of shipment damage. One way to protect your items is to make sure the products that you choose to use are UV treated and waterproof because it will properly prevent damage from occurring during transit. Another way aspect to consider when deciding on packaging materials is the thickness or support an internal wrap will provide your products. For delicate products the thicker the wrap the more support and protection it will have when in transit.

Finally, how much should it cost for packaging supplies? Packing supplies can vary in cost but is important as a business that you invest in high-quality materials that will be cost-effective and reduce the toll this may have on your business or your customers. For businesses that are moving, storing or packing a lot of items look into some wrapping and packing machinery for more effective packing with less labour. However, if you are business starting out it may be more efficient for you to invest your budget in hand-held tools and more commercial products to help you get off the ground.

Hopefully, this article has been an exciting insight into how important packaging materials are for your business and will help you make more effective decisions when it comes to packaging supplies and materials.


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