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The Dog Grooming Shop Remodel!

Hello everyone, 

I hope all is well with you and yours! I have been a little busy lately, since we opened the new grooming shop in Southern California. 

I used to work with a lady long ago at a local dog grooming shop years ago. I was so excited when she asked me to run a new dog grooming shop she was opening. 

The first picture is the shop’s before picture. It used to be a dog grooming shop before, but it didn’t make it. We found out why.. The previous owner was homeless and got into drugs. She rented the building because it was cheaper than an apartment. She had a full wall dividing the shop into two parts. The back part was her living quarters. She would tell clients that would stop by that she didn’t cut hair, she just colored dogs. Needless to say she never got any clients and had to move out. 

Time for us to take over!! 

#1 Before..

The desk was painted red and green, the floors were checkered, but the tiles were coming up and broken. There was a full wall like I said, making the place look tiny, cluttered and uninviting.  

#2 The new, old desk.

We found a cool desk on craigslist, it was white, chipped and pealing. I sanded and repainted it. I love this color. We will put product on the shelves. 

#3 The wall is gone…

We took out the full wall, and put in a half wall, with a gate. 

The shop is divided into three sections. The front, the grooming area, and the back is the bath area, and bathroom. 

#4 The business side…

of the desk. Everything we need is right here. Excuse my purse... 

#5 The grooming tables

are almost ready... We can fit four or five tables here, but for now two will do. 

#6 Bathing area

I like it, it looks clean. We are both neat freaks, it will stay this way! In between dogs everything is cleaned and sanitized. 

The remodel is done enough to open. I will also paint a wall mural of our logo, and we are putting up photographs of dogs soon. It is coming along, we opened last Saturday! 

What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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