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The Camera Tricks That Make Your Photos Exquisite

With the advent of smartphone, it’s a lot easier to capture photos every moment of life, Usually people Photographing ordinary photos, but some people take pictures that are surprising to see that which technique was use to make them beautiful, and today I am going to tell you some of the tricks, by following these tricks you can have exquisite picture.

Place your mobile phone near the camera lens and take a picture shot, In a similar way, a beautiful image will be featured in the picture.

Take TV images in such a way that looks like part of the outside world of the TV.

Tree, leaves and flowers in a background, zoom in can create a beautiful background like you see in the below picture.

Rainy pictures look very beautiful, but for this you do not need to go to the actual rain and do not need to spoil your camera, you can this picture like this.

Leaves Impression on the object, face can be very beautiful, for this place leaves in front of camera little on a distance.

This technique can also be used by different types of kitchenware.

While dragging pictures of animals and children, you want them to look at the camera, place an interesting item above the camera.

Beautiful images can be found by keeping the lighter next to the camera.

Before sun rise there is a natural blue light if you observed, it is called blue hour, at this time picture dragged are often very beautiful.

Similarly, the time of a golden hour is very suitable for drawing pictures, when the the time of sunset and the sun is shattered, In such a way light sunshine can make your photos very beautiful.


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