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Start a Coffee Mug Shop This 2020

What If You Join Coffee Business?

We are about to wrap up this year, and you might want a fresh start for this 2020. Maybe healthy habits, a different place to live and why not a new job. If you are a coffee lover, you might want to explore the coffee business. Why? Because you are already a consumer, and you understand the consumers’ minds.

According to Statista, the average revenue per capita during 2019 was $245.90. This coffee segment had US$80,916m, and they expect it to grow annually by 4.5%.

Do you know what this means? Yes, coffee lovers need mugs! Where are they going to drink all that coffee? Are you ready to start your new mug brand?

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to create mugs with amazing designs.
  • How to use mockups for your coffee mug shop.
  • Where to sell your mugs.
  • Why should you open your social media networks?

Create Mugs with Amazing Designs

Those days where you needed a design software are gone! There are plenty of online tools that can help you out in minutes. If you have never used a design template, let me tell you that this is a big time saver. Just select your favorite design template and customize the font, color, and message. You might want to try Placeit’s design templates. With this tool, you will be able to create seasonal designs for coffee lovers’ unique messages. Your imagination is the limit!

Use Mockups for your Coffee Mug Shop

Once you have your designs ready, you must place them in beautiful images. So this time, you will need the perfect mug mockup. You can find 2 types of mockup; those you must edit in an edition software or a mockup generator. I recommend the second option because it’s easier. You don’t need design skills; you need a computer, internet, and a browser. Here is a guide to customizing a coffee mug mockup using Placeit.

Select your favorite coffee mug mockup

Upload your design

Crop your design and select the color of your mug

Hit the download button

Where Can I Sell My Mugs?

The truth is that you can create your online shop, but I recommend a POD (Print on Demand) as your marketplace. Especially because this is the cheapest and easiest way to start selling. With a POD marketplace, you will have resolved these points:

  • They provide secure financial transactions
  • They take care of material suppliers
  • They find distribution partners
  • They handle shipping companies
  • They offer different products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc.

So take a good look at this Best Print-on-Demand Websites: The Definitive 2019 Guide and commit to your favorite one. Another great thing is that you don’t need to have in stock any product; just focus on your designs and professional images for your online catalog, and you’re ready to sell.

Open Your Social Media Networks

Even though every POD has loyal visitors, you mustn’t rely on their public. They should be a plus, not everything for you. Make sure to create your followers through social media. This is the best way to stay in touch with your market and hear their feedback on your designs. You will learn from them, which are their favorite styles. If you’re asking yourself which social networks you should start using, this is my advice:

  • Facebook: Everybody is here! So it’s a must to create your fan page in this network. Plus, you can also use their marketplace. The content that is usually shared are tips, images of the product, content around your product, and why not, giveaways to gain more followers.
  • Instagram: The best place to display images and Instagram stories pimped up with cute gifs. And here is where your mockups will catch those eyes and take them to your POD shop! Motivate your buyers to tag you in their Instagram stories every time they buy from you. This way, you can share them as well in your network.
  • Pinterest: This network is also very visual. The good news here is that every image you pin on to your board, it will be clickable and will take the users to your shop! Make sure to make boards according to the mug’s topic.

Wrapping up this note, you know now that having the right tools on your side can help you create a new business or a side-job in a click! Online tools give you the power to control the first stage of a company and create a brand plus understand your market by interacting with them. Just pick the best spot in your home, make that fabulous coffee and start making your mugs with a Mug Mockup Generator. Look into trends, look into coffee blogs to learn what they are talking about, and start creating.


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Written by Veronica Madrigal


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