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Showing off some more of my sister's crochet menagerie creations

Yes, my sister is on a roll lately. She comes up with more and more crochet animals. Just to let you know, all the pictures below have been taken with my cellphone. First off I want to present to you her little blue cat. A very simple and yet elegant design.

And now the same little kitty cat from the side. 

And now I want to showcase this big cat. When I say big it is about 14 inches long (35.46 cm). 

And now here comes the cutest little bee you have ever seen (At least I think so).

Now just look at this little bee from the side and check out her little wings.

Now comes what looks to me to be the iconic Scobby Doo (cartoon character). This doggy is also pretty big standing at about 15 inches high (38 cm). 

And again a side view of Scooby Doo.

Now, to finish off my sister’s presentation, just look at her almost complete collection sitting on her bedroom dresser…

To finish, I would like to show off something I just finished knitting. My sister did the same thing but in wool and crochet. I do not really, personally, like to crochet with a large crochet and chunky wool, so I adapted the pattern to a knitting pattern. Also, I knitted this vest in cotton so that I can wear it on cool spring or autumn days.

And now, here I am wearing the vest. I took the picture from a mirror reflection. As  have stated before, I am not good at photography.


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    • Yes that is what I thought as soon as I saw the finished puppy: Scooby Door you are here in front of me… Thank you so much for stopping by, your lovely comment/compliment (my sister will hear about this) and your up vote…

    • Wow thank you so much Doc. Yes it is simply great to be able to work with our hands like we both do and to make something out of simple materials. I wish I could sew also but somehow that sewing machine never does exactly what I want even the new electronic ones. But still a big enthusiastic thanks for your visit, your tremendous comment and up vote. I will relay all to my sister…

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