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Showcasing my second (or rather first) passion: three projects

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As some of you might know I am very passionate about anything historical but ever since I was a young girl, I loved and still love to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, do needlepoint and lately tattting and eventually needlace. At the present time I have three projects on the go all at the same time. Why three, you might ask? Well because the three projects I am working on are all rather long so instead of working on only one of them and at the risk of getting bored, I work on one project one day and another one on the next day etc. Please note that all the photos below were taken with my cellphone camera.

The first craft that I want to present is a cross-stich project. Now I have done only a very small portion of it but you can look a the picture that was included in the kit to see what it will look like when it will be done. So here is the first craft:

And now here is the picture from the cross-stitch kit and which this upper partly done section will look like when finished.

Next comes an afghan. It is worked with Phentex yarn and another type of yarn whose name escapes me as I am typing. The reason for this is not so much because I am freezing in the winter, rather the opposite, but eventually as I age I will probably need it so I decided to try this pattern.

The above afghan is done with a crochet hook size 5 while the next filet crochet for my curtains is done with a crochet size 1.5. It is executed with crochet cotton no 10 so it is rather fine.

And now I put this above filet crochet over a contrasting colored curtain just so to give you a better view. But please remember that when I am totally done with the curtains I will have to wash them and press them. Also the contrasting curtain cannot be put flat because of the rod and how it is hung on that rod.

And voilà, that’s it that’s all folks. Thank you for viewing. See you soon. Off crochet I go again on the afghan today. Have a a great day.


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    • My maternel grandmother used to spin her wool with her spinning wheel and then knit socks, mitts and scarves. My mother used to embroider beautiful tablecloths, placemats and pillowcases. I guess it runs in the family. But you are absolutely right by saying it takes patience. I have a lot of patience for crafts but no patience with anything else. Thank you for your visit comment and up vote.

    • I started knitting when I was about 10 or 12 years old, then graduated to crochet, then cross-stich and a little bit of embroidery and needlework and now I love to tat and eventually I will learn and work with needlelace. I amver lucky that I do not have any arthritic pain in my hands and fingers. Thank you for your visit, your reading and commenting and up vote.

  1. These are all wonderful! I don’t know how to knit but I can cross stitch and crochet. I gave up on my hobbies because I need to earn money for my family. During those times, I couldn’t figure out how to earn through these hobbies.

    • Knitting is just as easy as crochet and depending on your project it can take a shorter or longer time. You should showcase your cross stitch if ever you still have them. You can earn money like that. I personally have never sold any of my crafts because they mostly take too long to do and they would be slightly too expensive to cover for the time it took to make them. Thank you for your compliment and insight, your visit and your up vote.

    • Thank you so much for your compliment (my face is beet red right now) and your up vote. But to set the record straight I am not creative as I just follow patterns. I still have dexterity in those old fingers of mine and I have a lot of patience with crafts but no patience for anything else.

    • Yes I thought of selling my crafts sometimes but for the amount of time it takes for me to do them, it is not really worth it as I cannot put a high price on them. But still a big thank for visiting, commenting and up voting.

    • Slow down Doc. These crafty projects are still ongoing and will be finished in maybe only months. I will probably showcase some of my sister’s critters soon enough… Thanks for your very enthusiastic comment and up vote…

    • Thank you so much Pamela for your awesome compliment and up vote. I am trying to catch up here on Virily and I think I might just have missed some of your latest posts but I will read and view them and write comments just as eloquent as yours towards me.


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