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Photography an Art or technique

A Photographer is a Lazy Painter.

A photo is an image that we see and wish to create a memory and share with others.

One of the best things about photography is that it is a hobby that anyone can get into.

Photography has really enabled us to document our lives and put them into place for a long history.

One of the simplest reasons for doing anything, photography is a fun thing to do.

So what are the basic elements of any camera?

The quality of a photo is controlled by the aperture opening size, aperture open time and the quality of light gathered by the film or the optic sensor.

Aperture is basically a window that allows the image to be created on the optical sensor or film.

Its speed and size determine the quality of the image.

There are several cameras available in the market.

For non-professionals, a simple DSLR should suffice.

Use your imagination and create beautiful stunning visuals.

Afterall photos are not taken , they are made.


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Written by Pankaj


  1. I took photos of scenes because I have always drawn people and found scenic painting boring until I saw my husband’s paintings, which is anything but ..
    I now do some scenic paintings but still take photos.
    Oddly enough I am only an amateur photographer and have sold some photos, when I did not think it was possible to sell photos

    For art work, photography teaches you composition

  2. Nearly anything creative can be an art form. This is certainly true of photography, and there is nothing lazy about it. It can take a very long time to create high art with a camera.