How To Make A Mobile Island

My long time customer wanted a very special mobile Island for her kitchen. She used to have one she bought off the internet but unfortunately it wasn’t very well designed. She wanted two drop leafs that could not be accidentally knocked down. The one she had had an arm that held up each leaf but if you accidentally bumped it the leaf would fall alone with whatever was on it. I had to do some serious thinking but I was able to design something that is impossible to knock down. It is very easy to operate and is totally concealed from view. She also wanted two pull out shelves inside the cabinet and roll the entire unit on swivel braking casters so it can be locked in place and not roll away.

The top is gloss black Formica because she wanted it to match her existing counter tops. The doors are raise panel with hidden soft close pocket hinges. Just start the door closing and it will close itself without a bang. I love those hinges and I use them on all the cabinets that I build. Everything I build is totally custom. I build to the clients specifications so all projects are unique to the buyer. I love my job, it’s my passion.


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