Hand Crafted Candles Make the Perfect Gift

You must have heard the famous aphorism, ‘money can’t buy happiness’. Well, I totally agree. Especially now that I have discovered how some amazing DIY gifts can make someone so happy and make them feel so special. Even more than any insanely expensive gift. Hand carved and hand-crafted candles are a perfect gesture of pouring your love and feelings into a gift. Ever since I have discovered the techniques to make these beautiful handmade candles on my Frontier FiOS internet, I have been giving them as presents to my friends and family. And, they all loved them! There are tons of different techniques to make candles. I have tried many of them.

Why are Gifts Important?

Gifts are part of our lives. We get and give many gifts each year. Gifts are considered an expression of love and care. We ensure giving gifts to people that we love on every special occasion, and on every important day of their lives. Each year, we spend a good chunk of money on gifts for our loved ones. The preferences vary when it comes to gifts. Some people prefer buying very costly gifts. Others buy moderately priced but decent gifts. And, some (like myself) are into the DIY gifts. I think they are the perfect ones when it comes to the expression of feelings. You get a feeling that someone has invested time, effort, and energy to give you a gift instead of just buying something off a random rack. DIY gifts are something to be cherished.

  • Handcrafted vs Factory Manufactured Candles

When it comes to candles, I can actually tell you a lot about them. Tons of varieties of candles are available in the market. There are organic, scented, votive, flameless, tea light, pillar, taper candles, and so on. You can choose according to your need and taste. You will find the most elegant and intricate designs on the candles that you can think of. It’s easy to pick a candle from a shelf of a supermarket but, it wouldn’t be the same as the one that you especially handcraft for someone. You can use the favorite colors of the person who is going to receive it. And, infuse it with their preferred scent too. When you can make a customized gift to make someone feel special, according to their likes, then there is no need to buy one!

  • Which Occasions are the Best for Gifting Candles

Handmade candles can be given as gifts at any and every occasion. But, you can particularly give them on birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and so on. You can lighten and brighten up a romantic dinner with handmade, scented candles. You can even inscribe the greetings or wishes on the candles in creative ways according to the event. When you are the designer and maker yourself, it is not hard to make an incredible candle that exactly fits your neat and creative taste. Also, when it fits the likes and preferences of the one receiving it. Make the special days of your loved ones brighter, happier, and better.

  • Candle making Hacks

There are actually so many reasons to take the handmade route for gifts on special occasions. Create something special for your loved ones. This is an appreciable gesture itself. Also, you can easily squeeze your gifts budget, if you master the art of candle making. With trends like gifting a fancy, expensive fondant cake essentially with the gift makes it too costly. You can save the money for the gifts. Handmade gifts make the cutest ones, and they stand out!

YouTube and social media are full of candle making ideas and tutorials. Check them out and start storing different empty bottles that you have before you throw them in the trash. Use your own creativity to come up with a custom engraved masterpiece. Give them something that they can reminisce about! Trust me, it’s not that hard.

I can give my example. I knew nothing about this art. I just started experimenting with this craft while carefully following the instructions online on my subscription to one of the Frontier deals. Gradually, I mastered the art of mixing colors to achieve the optimal and desired shade. I also learned the right quantity and types of scents to be added. And, I also learned the intricate designing that makes a candle look like a customized masterpiece! Since then, I have managed to make more than 300 candles that made perfect and praiseworthy gifts!


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Written by Ian Morris

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