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Guitar Pick holder – Hand made

I am always trying to make life easier.  I play the guitar, and one problem that I have is that I used to lose the guitar pick.  So, I came up with this idea to make a guitar pick holder!  I can make them in many different colors and then I tie them to the guitar!  This yarn is fun to work with because it changes color by itself.  I made a few and gave them as gifts to my guitar playing friends.  So what do you think?  Would this be useful to you too?  What colors do you like the most?

Check out my blog for more information.

Have fun playing the guitar and now you won’t lose a pick ever again!


What do you think?


    • Show him the post and see what he thinks. The pickholder gets tied to the guitar neck so when the guitarist is finished playing, he puts the pick back safe and sound. Yes a guitar pick is not expensive but after a while it is tiring to have to go back to the music store to buy more.

  1. That’s great! Losing picks is a constant problem for every guitarist I know 🙂 But I’m toitally intrigued by yearn that “changes color by itself” – please explain!