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Easy DIY Ideas That Will Bring That Final Touch In Your Room!

Are you looking for some easy DIY ideas that will add that final touch in your room? These ideas will help you customize your room. If you are creative and love DIY room decor, then you should try these!

When it comes to hand made decor, there are so many ideas. You can add something new to your room and freshen up the whole interior. Nice details, such as ombre flower pot and sea shell candles can fit perfectly. See how you can make these and some other great ideas!

Ombre flower pot

You can create cool ombre flower pots by yourself! You will need:
-Ceramic Pots
-Tumble Tie Dye
-Water and bowl

Fill your bowl halfway. Dissolve the dye in it. Dip your pot in halfway, hold for 5 seconds the remove.
Dip in again, lower then the first line, hold for 10 seconds. Remove from water.Dip in water a third time, again lower and hold until you get desired color. Remove from water and let dry.
Plant succulents.


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