Do It Yourself Perfect Coffee Drink in 3 Easy Steps

Thursday, 11.1.18

Create your own coffee shop, right in your kitchen because using various internet tips and learning how to do everything yourself. You don’t need to be rich. You just need to be creative and have fun. I will provide three easy steps on making your own coffee, based on three different videos as well as my added experience.

#1 Step 1: Decide on the Coffee Beans you want…

This video compares arabica and robusta beans. I think most stores sell arabica coffee beans, probably because they want to make more money. But next time I buy coffee beans, I want to try out the robusta beans. 

Arabica beans have a smooth taste while the robusta beans make a bitter coffee. 

Arabica is more expensive. 

Light to dark roast beans. Italian or French Roast tend to be on the dark roast side. I tend to like the medium to dark roast the best. Use mineral or filtered water. Brew your coffee until it starts boiling, before pouring into your favorite mug.

#2 Step 2: Steam or Froth Your Milk

This video uses a machine. I have also noticed a handheld steaming wand version on youtube videos. I don't have either one. But I do have a manual frother, which is still good as well as a good exercise method for your arms. Remember to use both arms so that both your arms will get the same workout as you manually froth your milk.


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