DIY Wall Art Ideas: Release Your Creative Side

Do you want to have artistic home decorated with wall art, but you can’t afford expensive works of art? ¬†Problem solved. All you need is a little bit of creativity and time, and you can create your own DIY wall art, personalized and meaningful to you. I mean, you can’t really connect to the artwork bought in dollar stores, could you?¬†

1. Polaroids: Outdated but underrated.

All you need is a Polaroid camera. If you are not hipster or blogger, please avoid this part and maybe use the photos that you already have in your photo albums. You can make serious memory lane on your wall that will remind you of good moments of your life. Or, print that artsy Instagram photos and make your Instagram Wall Art. Be sure to include the likes as well.


polaroid wall art

Framed Polaroid Art

2. Melting Crayons.

If you want to add a big centerpiece of art in your living room or bedroom, make it yourself. Take a large piece of canvas and start melting crayons on it. Be careful though, it can be messy, so protect the floor and other objects in the room.

Don’t forget to sign your masterpiece at the end.

Hang it over the large sofa or on the biggest wall in the room.



Wall Art DIY canvas

3. Vertical Garden

Indoor or outdoor, vertical gardens are very fun and creative display solutions for your favorite plants.

Framing flowers on the wall as pictures is a fun idea, so check it out here how to make one for yourself.
Flower Art

Wallflower Art

4. Clipboard Art

Using office supply for creating DIY art projects sounds familiar? You don’t need photo frames to create photo wall art. All you need are clipboards.

Print your favorite quote, chorus, or write down your notes and ideas on a piece of paper, clip it and hang it on the wall. It is unique and fresh way of decorating. Plus, you can easily replace the papers and create different wall theme every once in a while.

So, release your inner artist and start creating your unique artworks! Enjoy!

If this article was helpful for you and enhanced your creativity, feel free to share your artwork and DIY projects in the comments.


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