DIY Starbucks Coffee Drinks

Sometimes, it is fun to go out for coffee, especially after a dinner at a restaurant and a two-hour movie. Then, relax at a coffee shop and enjoy your favorite coffee drink. But in this cold, rainy, and in some areas snowy weather, many people might prefer to stay home more often in their cozy and warm home. So, turn your home into a mini Starbucks.

  1. cozy living room furniture with throw pillows and blankets
  2. your favorite magazines and books
  3. laptop, iPad, and/or your desktop
  4. soft music playing in the background, whether from a radio or your favorite CD
  5. your hobby, whether a sketch book for drawing, an interesting book to read, or a notebook for creative writing.
  6. you might also want to light a fireplace.
  7. or, you might prefer to light some candles. or, consider battery-operated candles.


What do you think?

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