DIY Pet Dream House Ideas

Sunday, August 26, 2018

It is a lazy Sunday on a hot August month, although I wasn’t really lazy. I worked on my script all morning, and then I decided to check out YouTube videos. Today, DIY cat trees got my attention. I am not sure if I can build one myself. They look too complicated, which is why I bought Gumby’s cat tree at a PetsMart discount store in Tustin, CA back in 2009. I bought a 6-foot one because he loved to climb, mostly my furniture, blinds, and refrigerator. The cat tree solved that problem. He loved sitting on the highest level, as well as sometimes I would see him go inside the room, and they stare at me from inside. But for the past two years, he rarely goes on his cat tree. Maybe he feels that he has matured at 17 and 18 years of age, and it is too childish for him now.

I decided to post three interesting cat trees as well as cat accessories for people who might want to build their own for their cat and maybe for a small dog.

If you create all the items in the video, then you can create your own Pet Dream House, kind of like the Barbie Dream House.


What do you think?


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