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Creating A Christmas Village Using Recycled Materials: A Family Tradition

As a family we always work together to decorate our home for Christmas. This year we thought of creating a Christmas village using recycled materials like cardboard boxes, newspaper, popsicle sticks, and all sorts of things found in our house. The one on the photo is a Christmas cottage. The shingles on the roof are made from cardboard painstakingly cut into small squares and glued to make the roof. The white part of the house is newspaper pulp.

This building is a work in progress. Yes it is already Christmas and we are still working on this project. This is a village cafe.

The wreath hanging on the wall is made from real branches and leaves of an ornamental plant that looks like a pine tree from our garden. The red ribbon came from the packaging of the brownies I received yesterday as a presents.

This is my sister staining the small wooden tables made from popsicle sticks. I created them by the way. In here she is using a cotton swab and instant coffee as the stain.

My older sister made these wreaths from real leaves and branches found in our garden.

This is the semi finished cafe. You can see the tables are already in place. The wooden fence is made from bamboo tooth pick. If you noticed we also made some small benches.

Hope you like this project. I hope I am not too late for the Christmas decoration contest. This will be my entry. Merry Christmas To All.

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