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Craft area is done


Now that it took me a few weeks to get my craft area set back up in it’s NEW area across the room where my bed USE to be I have more room to work now. I love the way I have it all set up where I have more storage space to put stuff.

This time I took my time & checked out some video’s on craft room set ups & the more I watched the more Ideas I got from them all, so now I am all set up. I have everything in it’s own little place Till I start crafting & make a mess of it.


NO this isn’t my mess but it’s not far from it after I get done crafting ha ha ha That’s cause I don’t do just 1 craft at a time, I do like 3-4 at a time of different things so while I’m waiting on 1 to dry or go as far as I can I start another one.

This is what my craft area was before I moved it to the other side of the room & what crafts I started on which was my bag socks that I have a full tote now as you can see I had no room for what I had going in this area, but I do now. :>}

Now I have more space than I did before everything has a place now this is a LOT better than what I had going before & I can  work better without being cramped & no where to put nothing like I had before.

I took some time, well a few hrs to do some crafts I had going but never got done with them cause I just didn’t have the space like I do now & I have to say working in my new area like I have it it was a great Idea. :>}

This is my bag socks I was talking about I have going, it’s where you can put your store bags when you come home from shopping  & you can put A lot of them in one of these to use for small trash cans in your bathroom.

Well  that’s it for now, I thought I’d give you a update on the craftarea I was working on & some other things I have going on so if you want to know what other things I have going I’ll be glad to share what things I’m doing, right now I have a cd craft started.


When I get enough of them done I will share them with you so you can see just what you can do with CD’s if you are a crafter & want some ideas to do I have a list of videos I get my ideas from but put my own spin on them. :>}

Thank you for stopping by hoe you enjoyed the post & hope to see you again you have a blessed weekend, stay safe & help others in what ever way you can till then take care I’ll see you all soon I gotta get back to my crafts, chow.

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  1. You seem to be happy these days. I am glad about that. And I see you are getting really into your crafts. That is amazing. We all need something to have as a hobby and earn extra money with. I need to find something that would suit me.

    • yeah it keeps my mind at peace & I really do enjoy the things I pull off the
      top of my head after I’ve had a toke or 2 of smoke that inspires me to put
      my mind to work on what I’m doing & stick with it more than let it wander.
      You ought to think about things that you could do put your mind at ease
      cause no one knows what they can REALLY do till they put it into action.

    • I don’t MIND doing it, but when I’m not in the mood I just
      put on some of my fav music & get in the groove & get it done.

      Not only that, but I had to get it in my head that I HAD to get it
      done so I can get something done if I want to get my crafts
      started again, & after all the videos I’ve watched on just HOW
      I wanted it to be I made my mind up to just get er done.

    • I try to be resourceful as well as creative in everything I do
      plus I watched a BUNCH of videos on just this subject to get
      a Idea on just what I wanted to do with it so that’s how I did it.
      Well as a matter of fact I just got done with a bunch of them &
      made a video of them I’m going to put on here for everyone to see.

    • Thank you, I love the way I have it set up, & that’s JUST what I plan
      on doing cause the way I had my last set up was just CRAZY, I had
      stuff EVERYWHERE & no room for nothing & had to move stuff to
      get to things, so after I got tired of that I made it a point to change it.

      Now the way I have it set up it’s EASY to keep up & get to things & not
      have to move everything to get to something like I was doing, so now
      I can get MORE done & enjoy doing what I’m doing & stay at it longer.

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