When You Live in a Kakiscracy

This is a true story.   I am inventing nothing, and could testify in Court on the  events.  This is how it goes when you live in a nation in which corruption is governance.

A particular position was going to become vacant in Six Months.    I found out about it ‘differently’.   As very few knew this post would become vacant, and as I was not merely qualified but willing to give my all to it, I wanted to apply.

But I live in a Kakistocracy, and one doesn’t apply for such positions without some ‘backative’.

I phoned Someone and asked;  “Can I apply for the position?”  I was told;  “I’ll call you back.”

The next day the promise was kept.

“They’re giving the post to Gal Gal.”

Gal Gal was the slam of a Big Man.

Three months after that phone call, the position was advertised.   Many people applied.  They sent in their applications, their accreditations.

A portion of   these applicants were called in for their Interviews.  A smaller portion for their second Interview.

At the end of this ‘free and fare and transparent process’   Gal Gal got the position.

From the moment Gal Gal took the office until she retired, she did absolutely nothing at all whatsoever.  One never even heard of the Agency from her advent.

The tax payers pay for that position.   They paid for the whole mock interview process.   Tax payers paid for Gal Gal to do absolutely nothing at all whatsoever for the decade she sat in that office.

This is how it is in a Kakistocracy.

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