When the Cold War Ended – 41

The average person in America today is useful only to be herded into a voting booth to maintain the rich and powerful in power.

Education, health care, is limited.   Diets are jammed with unhealthy high caloric junk.

Activities are curtailed.   The fear of pederasts has children locked into their homes, unable to go anywhere unsupervised.

This constant supervision prevents a child from developing his/her own judgement, so is easily led.

Americans will vote against free health care, free education, for this is what they are told to do.

It is remarkable to contrast the robust and widespread protests against the War in Viet Nam to the lethargic response to the Wars in Afghanistan, Syria, and every where else.

This is due to the creation of a lethargic self focused population addicted to junk food and mindless games.


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