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When the Cold War Ended – 32

When the Cold War ended there was no need for bright, active young people who could think for themselves, who would rebel, who would disagree.  

The need to dumb down the population, the need to make easy to control depended on a number of factors.

A sedentary obese population ties perfectly into this plan and was simple to implement.

Load their diets with empty calories, feed them junk food, and then, get them to focus on something with more pull than a television set.  

Although computers seemed created to increase knowledge, much of what they are used for is time wasting.

Pointless games, videos, anything to get the kids to sit and do nothing while stuffing their faces with junk that has a high calorie rate and little nutritional value works well.

Add to this the ‘so-called’ Smart Phone which keeps the child connected when out of the house to insure complete mind control.


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Written by jaylar

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