When the Cold War Ended – 14

The attack of September 11 proved the pathetic nature of American ‘intelligence’.

There was no consideration in the American ‘Intelligence’ community that Muslims/Arabs were their enemy or had the capacity to develop such a plan.

American Security Agencies focused on Russia, which was no more a threat than Japan.

How is it possible that such a ‘brilliant’ nation like America, with billions of dollars invested in security, which operates the top spy networks, be taken by surprise?

The answer is simple.

The dumbing down of the American population, begun in 1970 has produced persons who do not have the ability to read events.  

Where the Cold War may have officially ended, the ‘spy’ networks clung to the the paradigm.   They learned Russian, they spied on Russians.

One would have thought various events, from the attack on American troops in Lebanon to Saddam Hussen’s invasion of Kuwait would have provoked focus on the Middle East.

It didn’t.


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