When The Cold War Ended – 10

The fact most people do not listen to the news becomes evident when one does.

The sheer ignorance of the population is astounding.  This pales by the fact that they want to be ignorant.

The deliberate avoidance of facts, of reality, maintains the bubble of stupidity around the population.  

To be blunt, they don’t know what is happening, and they don’t care.

They can sit in front of a computer and play games, watch anime or other meaningless rubbish, never for a moment glancing at headlines,

Where during th Cold War everything was important, could lead to this… could effect that…  today, considering that the touted ‘World’s Radio Station’ (the BBC World Service) limits news to 6 minutes every hour and 2 minutes every half hour, speaks volumes.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar