What It Means to Be An American

Okay, this is about music. It is also about being an American. Many people around the world don’t understand us silly Americans. We can have such division, crime, tragedies, sorrows, victories, arguments, and apathy. However, to a true American, there is something we share. We have a love of our country that goes beyond our differences. We love the fighting men and women who sacrifice their lives and safety and comfort in order to keep us free. We love the USA!

How can any two people who are opposed in politics, beliefs, way of life, income, age, or any of the other differences come to the same understanding? That is where this song comes in. This song was made famous by Lee Greenwood, but this is being performed by an acapella group. That’s right, there are no other musical instruments in this piece except the human vocal chords. This might not be moving to people in other cultures, but it sure is to true Americans and it is what it means to be an American.


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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