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Washington National Cathedral

Robin Biznis September 29.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

IntroductionIn order to better master English on TV I watch the English club channel.I read there today that the National Cathedral in Washington was completed today.

Then I read about the cathedral on the Internet, so I relay the most important events related to the cathedral.


Official name is: Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Peter Paul, Washington D.C. (District Columbia)As I said, the cathedral was completed today, September 29, 1990.

The construction of the cathedral lasted exactly 83 years, from September 29, 1907 to September 29, 1990. The sixty-five million dollars it cost to build it was raised solely by private donations.It is important to note here that the Washington Cathedral serves all religious traditions.

Significant gatherings were also held there, many public figures said.The only President of America, Woodrow Wilson, is buried there.

The cathedral itself is imposing.On a hill above the city overlooking the dome of the United States Capitol, a magnificent building dominates the outline of the city.

I believe there are no tourists, not even American citizens, who are not photographed outside the cathedral.Anyone interested can find many interesting texts about the cathedral itself.

From me this modest contribution is a reminder that the construction of the Cathedral in Washington has been completed to this day.



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  1. well, I have been many times and there are no photographs of me in front of the cathedral 🙂 I do have lots of pictures of family members there.

    we have been many times. It is a beautiful building. Heavily damaged in the 2012 earthquake.

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