Wash Belly – 42

As Nick learned of the Will his mother had written, obtained a copy.  Seeing he was to get 1/2 of House 2 had immediately acted. refused to let him in the door.   Nick knew what to do. After an ugly law suit, he did gain his half, plus damages, and legal fees.   Leaving Lucy with debt.

During this time,  he kept emailing his sons about House 3 to no avail.

Nick’s first ex-wife, Emma, the mother of Keith and Joey, told him that anything he said, they would do the opposite.

Nick ignored her, not realising that what she saw was real.  If Nick had the capacity to truly investigate,  if he had been more alert, he would have uncovered that it was Unca Col who had worked so hard to turn  their sons against them.  The same Unca Col who was busy laying claim to House 3. 

 It was as if Colin could see the future and had performed his drama to obtain this result, thought Nick.  He did not know Colin had seen the Will years ago, and made his plans.

Nick kept trying to contact his sons.  He phoned, he emailed, but there was no response.  Further, there was nothing he could do,  his sons were adults.  



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Written by jaylar

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