War and Remembrance

This is the title of a Herman Wouk novel and the sequel to ‘The Winds of War’ by the same author, but I am just going to do a wordplay poem on this title.

W is for war and worry

A is for anxiety formed

R is for reactions shown


R is for reasons fought

E is for educating others in many lessons

M is for memories formed

E is for exercising rights, maybe

M is for memory remembered

B is for battles fought physically and mentally

R is for remembering

A is for action

N is for necessary nuisance?

C is for caring in a way for others

E is for extreme.


What do you think?


Written by 1Mark

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    • Have you ever read Herman Wouk’s novels ‘The Winds of War’ and ‘War and Remembrance’. They are thick novels but they are page turners and ‘War and Remembrance’ will make you think.

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