Wack Jobs – 11

In olden times people knew to ‘suck it up’.  They kept their private demons private.   It was none of anyone’s business.

Whining was not done.  

Even little kids, in those long ago days, didn’t do the ‘poor little me’, because the other kids would ridicule him/her.

Maya Angelou’s ‘response’ to having been raped as a child was not unusual.   She lived past it.  

Today, people one barely knows, will race up to share all their horrors.  It is as if they have verbal diahrea.  They can’t shut up.

Why are they telling us this?

It is not that Jane warns you about the coach, or Jack tells you to beware of that priest, it is that Wanda begins to babble of all the sexual depravations she experienced in forty years.



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Written by jaylar

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