Value of the Cold War – 27

With a dumbed down population of unhealthy citizens unable to reason, any conspiracy theory can gain its followers.

Anti-Vaxxers, for example.   They deliberately put the health of their own children in jeopardy.   They are so easily led that any so-called ‘scientist’  need only hit the right notes to have them marching in lock step.

To deny their children vaccinations in the insane belief it ’causes autism’  is an easy way to get rid of unnecessary people.

By following one ridiculous ‘conspiracy’ after another, the sheep are distracted.   They have no idea of what is really happening, what their government is doing.

Unlike Baby Boomers who were alert, suspicious and intelligent enough to connect the dots, their children and grand children are distracted, confused, unhealthy and easily manipulated.


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Written by jaylar

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