URGENT Details on Three Days and Nights of Darkness

I am sharing this bit of information and I am doing so for one reason only, because I cannot in good conscience remain silent after what I have just heard here. I do not know this lady, but by her accent she sounds American. What she is talking about, is a growing topic of concern in the scientific community, worldwide. 

I would suggest hearing her out and then decide for yourself whether to react, or to ignore it.



What do you think?


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  1. The only mention in the Bible of a 3-day period of darkness was when darkness was one of the Ten Plagues in Exodus Chapter 9. However, darkness was the 9th plague, which means that for history to repeat itself, the other eight plagues before darkness would have to occur as well.

  2. Various mystics throughout the history of the Catholic Church have predicted a 3 day period of darkness. Books have been written about it. I have an article about Anna Marie Taigi, the best known of them, on Virily if you want to do a search for for it.

    I’m not convinced that this woman received a message from God rather than just regurgitating what she’s read about it. Although I believe that the spiritual gifts, including prophecy, are still active today, I’m reluctant to accept anything like this from someone I’ve never heard of before. It’s too easy to be led astray.

  3. I don’t think that there would be a 3-day period of darkness. However, the talk is out there about how an EMP could knock out the entire electrical grid, so the possibility of darkness would be longer than three days.

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