Unto the Third Generation – part 11

Edward  and Eric had run the business, taking an interest.  They learned the  procedures so that they knew how to register a company, pay taxes,and were hands on enough so that no one could fool them.

They  had learned how to transfer land, how long it took, the fees, on and on, so that they could do it themselves if necessary.

Learning  procedures was vital.   It was protection.  No lawyer, no accountant  ,no manager, no one could ‘play’  them because they knew everything they needed to run the companies.

John  and Sam did not know as much.   They were aware, but had never really taken the time and expended the effort to learn the processes.

Eric   had hired people whom he trusted, but they had retired before he had  left.  Their ‘seconds’  took over their positions  When  Eric was gone, those who could retire on a pension did, those who couldn’t left,  because they had no intention of working for people like David  Rashford.

Those the Board hired to replace them, entered the company soon to become aware it was being run by the obnoxious ignorant.

There   are those who quit almost immediately  because they had no intention of letting  people like  those on the Board attempt to demean them.

There were others, however, who saw an  opportunity to fill their pockets, and took it.


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Written by jaylar

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