Ugrinov Pavle

Ugrinov Pavle was born as Vasilije Popović 15 April 1926 in Mol (back). Family Popovic old Serbian border-crossing families of the Tisza river, whose bicentenary history will be partially seen in the tales from the author’s book “Domaja” in 1971. Childhood and school days Popovic conducted in Zrenjanin, then St. Petersburg. In his works of prose that period of life gets almost mythical character, and the most striking images from this period can be found in the novel “Fascination” from 1976. During World War II, as a high school student in Zrenjanin, which was then called Gross Betschkerek, facing the ideas of the left and against the occupation regime. In October 1944, shall enter into the ranks of the impactor XIII Brigade of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia. For participation in the war and the subsequent overall performance has been repeatedly awarded. After the war begins studies at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. Although a spectacular studying economics, pass the entrance exam for the Academy of Theater.

In 1949, exceeding the then established the Academy of Theater and Film and graduated in 1952 as the first graduate of the Academy in the class of prof. Dr. Hugo Klein and his colleagues have been, among others, as great actors – Olivera Markovic, Rade Markovic, Ljuba Tadic, Bata Paskaljevic, Mica Tomic and others. One of the founders of Atelier 212 theater groups and independent family Beogradska A.

At the stage of Atelier 212 sets the play by Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”. Belgrade perform this play (1956) was the first performance of “Godot” after Paris. Two years later, and I will meet in Paris Beckett. The Chronicle of Matica Serbian publishes the first part of the poem “back zapevka” first under the pseudonym Paul Ugrinov named his distant cousin, who is engaged in writing a family history.

Together with Aleksandar Tisma, 1955, the poem “back zapevka” gets Branko’s prize. In 1972 he published the book “Dictionary of the elements” and “Domaja”. Novel “Fascination” begins a new period full of creative expansion, a period that will continue in the novels “ADAT Life” (1979) and “earthly kingdom” (1982). For the novel “ADAT life” Paul Ugrinov receives NIN Critics’ Prize for best novel in 1979, for his novel “Empire of the Earth” October Award of Belgrade (1982).

The following novels “Father and Son” and “Warm fifties,” and the book “Crystallization”, “Existence” (1990), “Antiegzistencija” (1998) and “Forever” (2008). For the novel “Never,” published in the collection “Love and kindness” Ugrinov gets Andric Award for a story. Roman “Besudni Days” was awarded the prize “Borislav Stankovic”, a 2002 novel comes out, “Without love”. On his birthday, April 15, ends his novel “No dreams, nothing …” that the Belgrade Book Fair appears as one of the first books Editions nut. He died in Belgrade on 23 June 2007. He was buried in the Alley of deserving citizens at the New Cemetery in Belgrade.


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