We talk about race, ethnicity, religion, but we do not consider a division which is obvious; that is ugly.

Ugly people develop ugly traits.  They experience a different life from the average person and live on a different planet than the beautiful.

When I was very young, the mother of a girl called Nira came to me and said; “You have many friends, my daughter is new here, can you be her friend?”

As obviously I had a kinder face than my friends, I agreed and took Nira everywhere with me, introduced  her to all my friends.

A week later, my friends were talking about a party and I said; “we have to invite Nira…”

To a person they exclaimed; “No!”  and one said, “Do you know what she says about you?”  

Well, I didn’t, and they told me.

I went home, told my mother, and she took up a bottle of Iodine.

“You see his skull and crossbones?  It is put on the label to warn you that it is poison.  People are created ugly for the same reason.”

After that, I became aware of ugly people, and they are not able to surprise me.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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