Ugly Girl Syndrome

We were talking at our usual spot, and someone mentioned Shirl and we all made those puke faces. After a few words, Kay interrupted with; “She has UGS.”

So everyone is staring and Kay looks at us as if we’re dunce and says; “Ugly Girl Syndrome.”

This is one of those things everyone notices, no one mentions. This is one of those Epiphany moments.

“Look, a child grows up and she’s ugly.  Everyone is prettier than she is.  As a kid, physical is all there is. Sure, as we grow up, we talk about kindness, humour, friendship, loyalty, intelligence…on and on… but as a child, being ugly is going to effect the personality that kid develops.”

So we are all sitting there, staring, our brains reaching first gear, then into second.

“Didn’t you ever notice it?” Kay asks as if we’d all just woken from statis.  “Listen, Wendy is blind and sees more than you do.  She can tell by the tone of voice, the inflection, if the person is attractive or not. “

We all were used to Wendy’s super powers.  Blind, she sees more than we do.

Kay went on;

“Ugly people develop a resentment, a boiling anger, and this kind of attitude where they take out their insecurities and lack of confidence on others. They speak in a bark, they sneer, they attack, they are often cold.  This is UGS.  Shirl has always been ugly. Her best picture was taken in High School with a kind of blur so that she only looks plain. By the way, she’s in her 60s and that’s the photo she uses on Facebook.”

So now we understand the Why of Shirl.


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Written by jaylar

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