Ubicate: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

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These memes were taken from a page that translates to:  World of Entrepreneurs.  The first one talks about humility and respect.  The meme translates to:  The girl who rang you up at the McDonald’s could be your children’s future doctor.  The young guy who works at the ice cream shop could be the future attorney your grandson may need.

We shouldn’t feel superior to others just because we find ourselves fortunate and self-actualized.  While others have built their life, there are many others who are still building their lives.  We should practice humility and respect towards others, not because of what we have, or what we are; for we are not more, or less than the other.

If someone is genuine, and is offering you help, they shouldn’t humiliate you in the process.  If they do, they merely reveal themselves to be envious, and not generous; much less respectful, or humble.

If someone can’t be happy for you, then they can’t admire you.  If they don’t admire you, chances are, it’s because they secretly envy you.  It is your job to stay away from them, and their job to work on their own mediocre lives.  Truly, someone who envies you, and pretends to be a true friend, is genuinely mediocre.

The second pic translates to:  Happy is he who has learned to admire, not envy.

A good circle of friends will always applaud you, and admire your accomplishments.  An envious person always reveals themselves in the end.  They are the ones who can’t stand being happy for you, and hate you for succeeding in anything you do.  They will  never smile, when you  have an announcement to make.  That smile is replaced by envy.

They don’t realized how depraved their soul is, merely because they are too busy being envious of anyone who has anything they have ever wanted.

To be depraved of virtue is to have never possessed character.  To have never possessed character means, that they will travel through life making excuses for what they have never even tried to do.  They will make excuses for being mediocre, and never living out their dreams.

There is nothing worse than being surrounded by self-defeated people, who think they are better than you because they never failed.  You can never fail if you never try.

They are only better at never having tried in the first place.  And whose fault is that?


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Written by Maria Ayala

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