Two Sisters Rock The Workplace, Make The Play Space

June, 1980, Salem, Massachusetts

I had gone to my friend Scott’s apartment to drink beer & watch his roommate attempt to put together a Harley Davidson that was in several thousand pieces on their living room floor. There was an air of chaos thicker than the hashish cloud hanging in the hallway. I was introduced to Cheryl, the soon to be ex-wife of Scott’s roommate. Apparently he became Scott’s lover within weeks of marrying Cheryl. She was bright & pretty & amazingly relaxed about this dramatic change in her relationship. As I raised a Heineken I said to myself “I could learn a lot from this girl”. We would become good friends. Within a couple of weeks I would date her sister Charlene. Things would change but not too much. Charlene & Cheryl both worked at Hogan.We started getting together on mutual nights off to take our favorite clients out from the state institution. They would join us for dinner at the Lyceum or a picnic at Glen Magna. It was great fun that drew us all pretty close pretty quick. It was a summer for spontaneous events and Salem was the kind of city where something good was almost always happening.

Right after I got back from the Black Hills we got together for drinks at the Lyceum. Cheryl & I were watching an unruly birthday party across the bar. When Charlene went to the bathroom we called the barmaid to our table & pretended it was Charlene’s birthday, ordering a slice of cake & a birthday song for Charlene. We all had a good laugh & I ended up wearing some of the chocolate cake, but it was all good fun.


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Written by PaulPallazola