Photo courtesy of Caras Mexico Magazine.

This quote translates to:  An intelligent woman ignores those who don’t value her, leaves those who don’t deserve her, and doesn’t let go of the one truly loves her.

But I think it takes more than mere intelligence to be this brave and bold.  You need emotional intelligence, confidence, and spiritual fortitude to leave the ones that don’t value you, or deserve you.  It also takes courage to accept love being given to you; it takes courage to receive all the love that you deserve.  You can’t know what you deserve, unless you value yourself.  You can’t value yourself unless you know who you are. Once you know who you are, you will have confidence.  This confidence is what will give you your self worth.

With your own self worth, you will know that you are worthy of happiness, and that you deserve no less. Once you know this, you won’t settle for less. Those that settle, don’t know who they are, therefore they don’t value who they are.  You can’t see yourself as a treasure, if you don’t know that you have one to begin with.


What do you think?

Written by Maria Ayala