Trade Off – 5

Marie wrapped herself in an ersatz ‘spiritual’ blanket which got thicker every month.  

She could babble about her chakras and focus, karma and negative energy for hours. It was a confused mix of the latest rubbish plopped on Facebook with mixes of nonsense she had gathered over the years.

If she dropped a glass, if he forgot to shut a light, she could go on and on making all kinds of links with imaginary places.

Yet, as ridiculous as this, what was Gavin found most annoying was Marie’s storage of what she felt an insult for hours, then explode into a loud repetitious diatribe.

If as he entered he asked;  “Why are your shoes in the doorway?”   she would get that malevolent look on her face and say nothing. Then just before bed;  

 “I leave my shoes as this is my sacred space.  I don’t wear shoes in my sacred space. In my sacred space I can not wear shoes….”

on and on.

So, Gavin would not make the slightest reference to anything Marie did or said.  When he entered, he expected her shoes to be in the path or something equally thoughtless and stupid.

If Gavin said nothing, playing the Introspect he could avoid  ear pollution, in most cases.

As Marie was free maid service and easy to ignore, he could go into his room, or take his laptop outside, and spend his pre-sleep hours doing any and everything without Marie.

In fact, he did virtually nothing with Marie.


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Written by jaylar

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